What if you could feel AWE everyday?

AWE Voyages is a full service travel & wellness agency specialized in custom travel planning and holistic wellness workshops. We have combined the art of travel and the art of living to help our clients take outstanding vacations without spending precious time away from their day-to-day priorities or compromising their lifestyles.

We have hand-picked outstanding travel suppliers to create a truly AWEmazing travel experience that includes Adventure, Wellness and Experiences (AWE) the way you define it!


I am Mahsa Allandet, a multicultural, avid world traveler, gluten free foodie, salsa & Zumba lover, and founder of AWE Voyages.

In 2015, I took a trip to Zambia, Zimbabwe and South Africa that was eye opening and instilled a desire to align the way I traveled and the way I lived at home. The result was implementing wellness & self-care practices as well as exciting local adventures & experiences in my day-to-day, while continuing to explore the majestic world we live in through intentional travel.

I am on a mission to share my love for the world, passion for wellness and travel planning expertise to create more Awe-inspiring vacations that you can enjoy and bring home to help you cultivate AWE in your day to day.